Persian Punks: Saba Noori

_MG_2550Name / Zodiac Sign / Wild Card:
Saba Noori Sadeghi. My understanding of the Zodiac is limited, however, I was born a Taurus and exist on its initial cusp.  Beyond unjustifiable and fleeting readings of banal horoscopes, I’m really in the dark as to what this signifies.  As far as Wild Card…I have no idea, so, I prescribe onto myself the Old Man card._MG_2575

What are you currently working on?
The School of Witchcraft and Dentistry is soon to no longer cramp my proverbial style.  That is, I’ve got more than one foot out the door, and, for once, it feels like this chapter has reached its final conclusion.  You and some of those who know me have recognized a certain quality within me that appears to run perpendicular to the status quo.  My academic existence since my senior year of high school is a testament to this and can only be described as a binary of basic emotion: joy and profound hate for the institution.  Although my choices drove me through a perpetual rough patch, I can’t help but regard this entire academic rigmarole as an artist surveying the final strokes to a satisfying painting: I did things my way–to the chagrin of many–and wreaked havoc along the way.

My sense of purposiveness can generally be defined by an attempt to find a balance between making many deliberate, borderline mistakes while maintaining as much grace as possible.  Still working on it. That being said, I feel insanely galvanized at the moment as the next step for me is a move to New York this June and pursue a post-graduate residency while living in the same city as some of my oldest buds, devouring as much of everything.

All this in mind, I haven’t been doing so much as far as creative production, but focusing primarily on the consumption of as many novels, film and anime as possible…a true challenge to balance, as one media often catches me more strongly within its gravitational pull.  My current literary inspiration has been Samuel Delany, a bonafide behemoth in the realm of new wave science fiction.  The man presents a rich world that connects the reader to an absurdly plausible yet beautifully farfetched future within which a circle of colorful characters partake in whatever destiny Delany weaves for them.  It’s some of the most socially progressive prose I’ve read, and I can’t recommend him enough.  I’ve prattled long and hard on this section, but there is one other well-defined and prominent presence in my life which stemmed from a chance encounter with a septuagenarian in a sauna.  Awesomely strange.  The encounter resulted in my currently attending a small, weekly graduate level philosophy course on Aesthetics for the past month, which has been one of the more refreshing and stimulating experiences in my recent history._MG_2559

Both you and your sister Sanam are wonderful writers and creatively inclined, yet you both pursued more traditional Iranian-parent approved careers (dentist and lawyer respectively). Did you feel a sense of pressure to follow in your father’s footsteps as opposed to pursuing your illustrations, writing or other creative endeavors?
Dentistry truly fits neatly within my capacities and sense of fulfillment.  If there was ever an external or internal source of pressure, it was subtle as I never felt it, or perhaps we can simply call the circumstance serendipitous as there are very few things other than being born into a Russian Bourgeois lifestyle that I can see myself doing vocationally.  Fashion was always the alternative…as I matured, I realized not only I have an eye for it, but more importantly, I know implicitly what I like and dislike._MG_2522

You have quite the varied musical taste. What were some of your earliest introductions to music and/or all-time favorites?
During my tardy inauguration into music, I believe one of the first groups that inspired awe within me was Led Zeppelin…a short lived sentiment.  I remember ripping through the discography and thinking to myself ‘holy shit…music.’  Having a late start, however, caused this intense bum-rush through all sorts of genres (indie rock, contemporary jazz, hip hop, R&B, post-punk, etc.) throughout the next so many years until I began settling into a more established groove.  Right now what really resonates with me is Hard Bop (namely Bill Evans and Art Blakey) and Ethereal/Dark Wave and Shoegaze (Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia).

Anything you’re listening to on repeat these days, or current obsessions, music or otherwise?
Yes.  Bill Evans’ Waltz for Debby, Love Spirals Downwards’ Idylls (in particular their track “Mediterranea”), and Lycia’s Quiet Moments to keep the list at a truncated three.  Otherwise?  A constant obsession with Ghost in the Shell, a discussion on the nature of artificial intelligence and its insane proximity to human consciousness._MG_2571

You’ve been keen on fashion since I’ve known you. Where do you think that comes from?
Being born Persian imbues one with a very intense sense of culture–a language that evokes poetry, food that’s stupidly rich and beyond palatable.  Essentially the lens through which I perceive experiences is by no means a narrow spectrum.  Having accepted this Tao Te Persian, I pursue my interests with gusto, which includes clothing and style.  Regardless of this, because of whatever genetic disposition and motherly influence, I have found that throughout my life I’ve approached this area with particular interest and allowed it to grow in my mind and eye beyond a passing or pragmatic function.  I don’t like to rely fundamentally on others, I like to allow all passing experiences to gather within the folds of my mind and incubate into what I ultimately deem to best represent me._MG_2499

Other aspects of Iranian culture that inspire or influence you the most?
It all begins and ends with the food. The food is madness.

What about the culture drives you nuts or anything you would gladly do without?
Sure.  There exists a shared sense of posturing for the public eye that I think the culture could do with out.  Despite how warm and inviting it is, unless you’ve got a sound bullshit meter, you might find yourself socially in trouble with the more duplicitous members of our world._MG_2563

Favorite aspect of being Iranian-American?
It comes down to exposure.  I’ve been provided the opportunity to pick and choose from the best of two worlds and that’s proven to be pretty rad.  Plus, there’s a lot of love, which despite my curmudgeonly spirit, is okay by me.

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