A glimpse inside a home can reflect a world about a person, revealing desires, inspiration, style and history. I’m continually fascinated by the homes we create–from the furniture and colors chosen to books displayed and treasures collected. Most of the homes documented here are from my time in Milwaukee, WI.  Though I’m no longer photographing homes, I still use my camera quite often. – Ghazal Sheei

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    • Hi Michele! Thank you for the incredibly kind comment and for checking out the blog! There’s no shortage of creative people in Milwaukee, willing to open up about their fascinating homes (and lives). I hope the blog continues to keep you engaged and entertained and feel free to share any suggestions or referrals on great homes!

  1. Love your blog! i’m an artist and homeowner, and finding creative spaces such as these are inspiring. I’m in the midst of remodeling my home and inspiration is key. 🙂 Hope you keep up the posts and maybe someday my home will end up on it. 😉


    • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for the comments and kind feedback! Your home (saw the photos on your blog) looks wonderful. I would love to photograph and feature it on Home Again. Let me know when you’re done remodeling so we can set something up. You can email me at homeagainblog@gmail. p.s. I just got turned onto Bark Decor through your blog–those pillows are amazing!

      • In love with Bark Decor! The pillows are even better in person!

        And yes!! I will contact you when i’m decently done with remodeling! I’ve got a bit of a ways to go! 🙂 Almost three rooms down, and about three more rooms to go.

        Your blog has already become one of my favorites!

  2. Your blog is fantastic! It’s so refreshing, definitely one of my new favorite finds. Plus, being a Milwaukeean myself, I love this blog even more! : ) Keep up the great site!

    • Tara, thank you so much for the sweet comment and for reading my blog! Check back in a week or so for a new post on a Milwaukee home. There’s so many creative homes in this city, wish I could photograph them all!

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