Art Department Buyer – Life Partners (Steakhaus Productions)

Set Decorator
– Billy Club (Surgery Room)


Set Decorator“Everybody” by Gardens & Villa (Mono Prism)

Production Assistant – Halycon Records

Production Design
 – “Backpacker Bush” by Dutch Boys feat. Twank Star (Jash)

Art Department Assistant
“Moonbeams” by Family Band (Radar Studios)


Art Department Coordinator + PropsFord Tuff Science (Thunder Road Productions)

Set DresserThe Division Trailer (Ubisoft)

Set Decorator – Wisconsin Dells “Splashback” (Endless Productions)

Wardrobe Buyer & Prop Master
 – Wisconsin Dells “Splashback” (Endless Productions)

Wardrobe Assistant –
Goodwill Industries “Give Back” (Endless Productions)

Prop Master
Respect Our Waters “Sparkles” Campaign (Endless Productions)

Art Department Assistant 
– Best Western Plus (Bunker)


Set Design – Sarah Silverman’s Voices of Learning, Episodes 1 – 4 (Jash)

Set Dresser & Props –
The First to Arrive 

Set Decorator 
– Dirty Cues

Art Department Assistant
– Ni Ni (AFI)

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